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Bear Facts........ 2015 The Summer of Rain in Pittsburgh

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Mike Quinn
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Bear Facts........ 2015 The Summer of Rain in Pittsburgh

1. With the trade for Phil Kessel the Penguins now have 3 of the top 12 contracts in the NHL. Any "Yankee$$$" outrage in Southwestern Pa? Not bloody likely.

2. Lagunitas Sucks beer can be purchased in 6 packs or cases! Give it a try and you won't look back..........

3. Hey Mike Anderson and John Tyra why did you let me listen to crap like BTO in the 70's when there groups like "Television" producing and playing genius music and albums like "Marquee Moon"?????? Come on  guys!

4. Spent last weekend in Princeton, NJ at a tournament my son's travel lacrosse team was in. On Saturday they played three games in 5 hours and it rained so hard  the bills in my wallet were still wet Sunday morning. Did not care..... and the Yuengling at the Holiday Inn that night tasted like gold. ...My entire Summer is lacrosse tournaments in Jersey, Massachusetts,Pittsburgh and 2 in Maryland.

5. HBO's True Detective last year is one of the great TV productions of all time. I mean casting....writing....sets....direction....etc....etc... So far this season's "2" is horrible.

6. The Yankees will end up 81-81. So will the Mets. CC Sabathia is still in the rotation because of his contract. I have no idea why Stephen Drew is still sarting at .175...The Mets are wasting some of the best young pitching since the 66 Orioles because they cannot score runs.........The 66 Orioles won the WS.

7. Hey folks you do NOT have to be an AC basketball player to attend the celebration of Coach Haluch's birthday this November. I didn't play for the basketball team. Neither did Mouse. As a matter of fact in my 5 years of intramural hoops I pulled down a grand total of 1 offensive rebounds and took 2 foul shots......Be there!

8. Come on Ted......... the Sabres tanked!

9. Why would ANY NBA free agent want to sign with the Knicks when they know the ball goes in to Carmelo and stays there. Badump....Badump....Badump.....shot...... It's crap bball.

10. In my backward/"progressive" state of Pennsylvania if you want a quart of a particular beer, a case of of beer....a bottle of wine and different whiskey's you have to make THREE different stops!!

11. My daughter is bartending this summer but does not drink. Kind of like being a librarian that doesn't read.

12. Is there a woman in Warren Sapp's life he hasn't abused?

13. Why does a douchebag like Keith Olbermann still have a job?

14. Why does anyone care what punters think about anything?

15. Hey guys thay can put a barbed wire fence around the campus but they can't put a fence around US!

Happy 4th!



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mike anderson
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Bear, I warned you and anyone who would pay attention about BTO but nobody listened .... I remember seeing Television in a small bar on Long Island and let's just say they didn't have the crowd in the palm of their hand.  One of my all-time favorite heckles happened "If I wanted to watch Television, I would have stayed home".

Totally agree about the Knicks and free agency.  Big Chief Triangle thinks people will come to NY because of his history.  Greg Monroe chose Milwaukee over the Knicks!  MILWAUKEE!  Same thing out here with the Lakers.  LaMarcus Aldridge was going to be a layup acquisition.  The team is a mess with the Buss kids running it and Kobe is a bad teammate.

DeAndre Jordan is allowed to have buyers remorse.  But to hide in his house and ignore phone calls from Cuban and the Mavs?  He deserves to get booed in EVERY city, not just Dallas where he'll be crucified. 

Bear, you were a few days early on the Keith Olbermann post.

I guess Jason Pierre Paul is one finger smarter than CJ Wilson.

Speaking of fireworks, why are people in my neighborhood still shooting them off?

I hope the Mets trade for someone, anyone who can hit.  They've got such a great pitching staff but have been shut out 10 times already this year.  10 times and it's not even the All-Star break.

Count me with the people who did the happy dance when A-Rod was not selected for the All-Star Game.

First David Letterman and soon Jon Stewart.  We're losing some funny people on TV.

If you want a quick, sarcastic look at the news every day, subscribe to The Skimm.

Bill Cosby.  Enough said.