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The ACAA was incorporated in 2002.  Your membership and participation is vital to the existence of this organization and to keep the spirit and memory of our beloved college alive.  Each alumnus is important in order to maintain the vision and purpose of the organization.


Hurray!  The web site is finally on its way.  Chet Fedorowicz (1967) has gathered web site requirements and solicited quotes from various web hosting and development companies.  The decision has been made to go with Flagship City out of Erie PA.  We were actually working with the owner Antoine Holman last fall while he was involved with Partnership Erie .

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A Web Site Administrator is needed to maintain the web site moving forward.   The position essentially requires a basic knowledge of Word and Excel (some Excel).  Basic functions such as copy, paste, delete and highlight are necessary. Uploading images can be accomplished either singularly or as a group which will require understanding but it is not complicated in any way. User instructions and mentoring will be provided.  The time involved for content management is a function of the volume of changes at any given time which is heavy during the months prior to a Reunion or an alumni meeting, and eases up considerably during the months in between.


Wesołego Alleluja!

In the meantime, Easter is coming up fast.  Hope everyone is preparing for the day.  To most Poles, Easter is a very holy holiday.  Following Lent - a 40 day period of fasting and abstinence – Easter Sunday is celebrated with church services and a large family dinner.  Below are some Polish customs found on


Holy Saturday Food Blessing / Swieconka

Swieconka is one of the most enduring and beloved Polish traditions. On Saturday people take decorated baskets to churches.  These baskets contain a sampling of traditional food to be blessed: hard-boiled shelled eggs, ham, sausage, salt, horseradish, fruits, bread and cake. Prominently displayed among these is the Easter lamb, usually molded from butter or sugar and colorful pisanki. The food have a symbolic meaning, for example:

* eggs - symbolize life and Christ's resurrection,
* bread - symbolic of Jesus,
* lamb - represents Christ,
* salt - represents purification, 
* horseradish - symbolic of the bitter sacrifice of Christ, 
* ham - symbolic of great joy and abundance.

The food blessed in the church remains untouched until Sunday morning. 


Written Eggs / Pisanki, Kraszanki, Malowanki, Drapanki, Wyklejanki, Nalepianki

The custom of coloring eggs for Easter is still observed in Polish custom. The eggs are decorated with many traditional Polish symbols of Easter. Most popular are lamb, cross, floral designs or Easter's greetings such as Wesollego Alleluja.


According to the Polish folk craft experts we divide Written Eggs into different categories. The eggs decorated with the use of treated wax are called "pisanki". Another technique involves gluing colored paper or shiny fabric on them. The eggs which are painted in one color are called "malowanki" or "kraszanki". If patterns are etched with a pointed instrument on top of the paint, the eggs are then called "skrobanki" or "rysowanki"


Easter Sunday / Wielka Niedziela
On Easter morning, a special Resurrection Mass is celebrated in every church in Poland. At this Mass, a procession of priests, altar boys and the people circles the church three times while the church bells peal and the organ is played for the first time since they had been silenced on Good Friday.  Following the Mass, people return home to eat the food blessed the day before.


The Easter table will be covered with a white tablecloth. The white tablecloth is indicative of the white swaddling cloth with which Our Lord was wrapped when he was placed in the Holy Sepulcher.  In the middle of the table in most homes, the housewife will put colored eggs, cold meats, coils of sausages, ham, yeast cakes, pound cakes, poppy-seed cakes, and a lamb made of sugar.  Polish Easter Soup called Zurek or White Barscz is often served at the Easter meal, garnished with the hard-boiled eggs and sausage.  There is also tradition to share blessed eggs with the members of the family and wish each other good health, happiness for the rest of the year.


It is interesting to mention that a Polish Easter is also a holiday for the housewife. It is a tradition that Polish women do not cook, do not work on Easter Sunday.

During this time the Polish homes are filled with the spirit of joy and good-will at a laden Easter Table, with its sugar Lamb and its blessed multi-colored eggs called in polish "pisanki".


Wet Monday / Lany Poniedzialek

Monday (just after Easter) is a holiday in Poland and is called in polish "Lany Poniedzialek" or "Smigus- Dyngus". This is a wonderful day of fun.


The ancient Polish tradition on Easter Monday, is celebrated by everyone with enthusiasm by sprinkling each other with water.  Especially kids have fun this day. Some people say that by being splashed with water on Easter Monday will bring you good luck throughout the year.



Wesołego Alleluja!






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