About Us

The ACAA was incorporated in 2002. Your membership and participation is vital to the existence of this organization and to keep the spirit and memory of our beloved college alive. Each alumnus is important in order to maintain the vision and purpose of the organization. Founded by the PNA to encourage the study of Polish language and Polish culture in America, Alliance College was conceived in 1903 with the first students matriculating in 1912. For seventy five years it nurtured us as students, prepared us for life’s trials, and blessed us with the beauty of its campus and the joy of friendships made there. In 1988 our Alma Mater was closed and sold to the state of Pennsylvania. This website is for the alumni, faculty, and staff of Alliance Academy, Alliance Technical Institute, and Alliance College. It is a place for us to come together; to renew acquaintances and share our memories. “The mission of the ACAA is to retain the original vision of AC and to promote the culture of the Polish people through the living body of the alumni, staff, and friends and their life experiences. This goal will be met by strengthening the bonds of membership through increased communication, the fostering of friendships, by supporting academia’s study of
the Polish heritage, and through charitable and educational endeavors.”


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